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can't wait for lisa has a joy

game crashed twice in the cool hair club building while they where talking(first fight and the last fight). Really cool game but I don't think I can put up with another crash.

Beat the game even after I ended up crashing about 6 times. Really awesome mod thanks for making it.

Can't wait for Benny Has a Hope/Cain Has a Bash/Jerry Has a Vega/Dire Has a[sic] Ungrate/literally anything other than that last one!

I have deleted this game and re-installed it and deleted it again so many times, I have never even gotten past the first area, and probably never will, good game.


This is absolutely a playable game, 10/10


beat the game invisible lol


This game has been an amazing experience and is now my fourth favorite Lisa creation.  God bless you sir


i know this is a shitpost but i actually was interested in the characters and story


you knew damn well what you were doing when you played that invisibility prank on us. Fuck you, but also fuck you. Well played.


Hey Lemon I wanna ask you two things

1. Can I use your party members in a mod I am doing?
2. can you tell us anything about point Dexter?


Hey, loved the game to bits! Loved the humor and all the party members playstyles! I do want to say i found a bug that crashed my game:

It happened when I used the Alfonso+Lad move, hope this helps!

Glad you like the game, and thanks for the bug report!

Uploaded a new build with this fixed.


fantastic mod. very funny. i like all of it. the party members are very interesting my favorite is morrace but there are so many cool gimmicks i wish i had more space on my team for. art and music is great. i will probably play it multiple times

but guys


the fuckin bathhouse

what kind of shit bag toilet crack were you fucking smoking. i have never had a game get that unpleasant that fast in my entire life. if random == 1 on every single god damn door. holy shit. it sucked complete ass to edit after the fifteen minutes i spent trying to figure out if there was any logic to it.

i havent beaten it yet so ill update this post later

but genuinely please remove that it blows ass

the bossfight at the end of it is really cool but i was so sick of the place i just used six diesel firebombs and ended it immediately


Removing the bathhouse would corrupt the vision of the mod.
I am sorry for your loss.

Glad you liked the mod! Don't worry, I've just uploaded a new build that allows for an easier bathhouse experience if you so choose!

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thank you i am sorry for getting mad at your video game mod i like it a lot. i also just beat it and i dont know where else to put the post so it continues here

shit was insane. god damn. lisa the firstful with new sprites for every party member? absolutely busted, incredible job.

the only complaint-like thing that i have aside from bathhouse is that it was overall not very difficult (i have played painful four times)
lisa herself was the only enemy that really made me worry, even before having sdds to do +fallen on everyone. you deal a lot of damage and while you take some damage too, you get so many resources that there isnt much long term planning going on. im not gonna say that buzzo shoulda been in to cause problems on that front since the cast is awesome but maybe rebalancing to account for the fact that he is gone would make things just a bit more pain      ful. 

but whatever its still so cool, game is awesome

theres so many lil secrets and stuff its like im learning painful for the first time again. if you walk backwards from zone 3 after going there once you can fight eric from default vx ace protagonist?? on god???? thats awesome. cant imagine what stuff i missed

ten outta ten mod. i hope there will be a conclusion ultimate battle alex churchland vs brad armstrong


quite cool if you ask me


this looks so rad holy hell

also that terry art tho 




Must of thought you were a real comedian by making Brad invisible. This is the TRUE pain mode of the mod (Plus why did you have to make the Lisa spiders so damn annoying...?)

But yeah, amazing mod and I really love Carp's design of having to fish during the fight. Some notes though: I can buy a TNT on a fishing rod but cant use it on anyone. Any gun other than the starting weapon for Jollie make him nigh unusable due to max SP. Alfonso should be atleast somewhat useable in fights (even for a joke character) and Bob should have a few more moves to make him a more viable character (his concept is great, i just dont wanna use him...) Plus hard boss fights can be easily cheesed with the right party members (Jollie and Morrace), which I think ruins the entire fight. Other than that, great fan game! And if I can recommend adding a Pain Mode to the game? Just a small idea.

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Alfonsos Pity moves are usable! You just need to pair him up with some good party members! From making him a more efficient tank to a series of status effects and attacks.

Oh you have not seen cheesed until you've seen Fantastic Phone on Bottle of Party Member. I hit over 143k damage on Final Boss Lisa with a crit, and easily ranged 10-20k on average. Shit was nuts.


This is the definitive version of lisa, thank you

there is a softlocking bug at the construction site. the big guy who pushes you back locks the game after smiling. sometimes works, sometimes not


finally released waited for this sequel hype hype hype


This is awesome!!!!


Very cool now go back to working on MU


Come on

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If you're not struggling then you're complacent. With complacency comes mediocrity.

max is that you? great music

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